Website Design & Development


Web design involves various facets during creation of a website. The different areas of web designs includes web graphic design, user interface design(UI design), authoring, including standardized code andproprietary software, anduser experience design(UX design). The web design majorly deals with developing the front end design or in simpler words, client side of the website comprising writing mark up. It is importantly for a designer to understand the trend of its audience and work according to it’s type .

Web development pertains creating a website. This can vary from a static website with a five-page displaying same information to all the users to dynamic website, that changes or customizes itself frequently and automatically, based on certain criteria.

Web development implies non-designing entities of building Web sites that includeswritingmarkupandcoding. It may also usecontent management systems(CMS) to make content changes easier and available with basic technical skills.

There are three kinds of Web developer specialization:front-end developer, back-end developer, andfull-stack developer.

We The prodigious people make user-friendly designs that is interactive as well as the page layout is consistent with clear instructions and labeling on a website. We also use motion graphics, typography and quality of codes for building your website. Connect us for more details.