SEO & Analytics


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a unpaid process of getting better rank on web search engines by organic or natural methods and increase our visibility. A better ranking help us to appear on top of the page therefore it leads to more traffic on thewebsite that aids in conversion of leads. SEO application entails Crawling, Indexing,search work and Algorithm. The software known as spider crawls the website and then it reserves the index page in database. Search engine process with every request and then you see the top diagnosed results.

To attain that rank there are various methods. Optimizing a website involves editingand adding content, using keywords and placing them properly but Make sure you don’t overstuff keywords . Doing HTML, and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Working on analytics and insights assist us to know our audience and study their behavior.

Analyticsenable us to study our data. We can assess the statics of our ads and campaigns. Study the data and figure out ways people are responding, areas they belong, age group, gender and many other factors. Most importantly it test our advertisements and compare them which one of them is more effective and can change according to the responses of the people. It has a significance role in improving the performance of our business and effects our decision-making process.

Specifically, areas within analytics includeWeb Analytics, descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, call analytics, credit risk analysis, fraud analytics, prescriptive analytics, marketing optimization and marketing mix modelling, speech analytics, enterprises decision management, big data analytics, predictive science , descriptive analytics, store assortment and stock keeping unit optimization, cognitive analytics, retail analytics, sales force sizing and optimization, supply chainanalytics, price and promotion modelling.

For driving traffic and promoting a site we can do guest blogging and increase thenumber of backlinks, or inbound links. In this method we write blogs on other websites of our niches. There are more than 200 factor that guards Google search algorithm. The Prodigious people will completely optimize your website and deliver the best results to you. Contact us for more details.